Best Man Speech Structure


A Best Man Speech Outline is what you should begin with
Best man speech outline ideas

Laying out a best man speech outline before you actually commence writing a full fledged best man’s speech to be given on your friend’s or brother’s wedding reception is a very good idea. A best man speech outline is the summary based on which the original best man speech can be build.

While it can be difficult to write out a best man speech, it is vital you know what you are going to say prior to getting up in front of the crowd. You want to be able to express your feelings while having some fun at the same time. Here is a basic best man speech outline to help you write out the perfect toast. It would be quite easy to compose a best man speech outline if you divide it in three parts namely the beginning, the middle and closing of the speech.

best man speech structure

Worry No More About Your Speech and Best Man Speech Structure

Beginning of the Speech:

Before anything, you want to start out the best man speech by introducing yourself. Chances are not everyone in the room is going to know who you are or that you are the best man. Quickly introduce yourself and say that you are the best man and a long time friend or brother. After you have introduced yourself, insert a quick one-liner to catch the attention of the crowd. Remember that it is a wedding; have some fun with it.

Once people know who you are and you have drawn them in, thank the host for organizing the joyous occasion. Typically it is the parents of the bride that have paid for the wedding allowing everyone to join together.

Middle of the Speech:

he middle portion is actually the body of the best man speeches and is probably the most important one too. So, while writing the best man speech outline, keep it in your mind. This is where you can begin using the notes you have taken down prior to getting up in front of the crowd. This can be a great place to tell a brief story of the bride and groom. The story can be a funny moment that you remember the two by, a story on how they met, or talk about how they have grown over the course of their relationship. It is important to remember to keep the story fun and PG rated for the kids and family in the crowd.

It is not uncommon for the best man to know the groom better than the bride. But try to keep the speech as balanced as possible. This can be a bit difficult, which makes it important to talk to the groom about the bride a bit prior to the wedding. Ask for any stories or reasons why the two are getting married.

Closing of the Speech:

The last part to the best man speech outline is where you will want to wrap it up. Remember to try and keep the speech short and to the point. Wrap up the toast with a wish or blessing to the bride and groom. Then, raise your glass with a cheer or congratulations and drink to your own toast.

And here are some more best man speech tips for you to make your toast stand out among all other speeches in the wedding reception ceremony.

It can be easy to over-think your speech when writing it out. But following this best man speech outline will help you write a resounding and entertaining best man speech to send off the bride and groom.